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Wim Visser new CEO of DB Cargo Nederland N.V.

Wim Visser has been appointed by the supervisory board of DB Cargo Nederland N.V. to take charge of DB Cargo Nederland N.V. as from 1 October 2017. more…

Port Antwerpen, DB CargoNew shuttle for the Antwerp region

DB Cargo is launching a new corridor product called DBantwerp-rhine-shuttle in early 2017. more…

DB Schenker Rail wordt DB Cargo

Met een nieuwe merkenstructuur versterkt DB de systeemeenheid spoor – in het belang van zijn klanten. more…

DB Cargo Nederland N.V.

DB Cargo Nederland has its head office in the centrally located Utrecht. Sales, production planning and monitoring, but also support functions, for example in the area of finance and human resources, are brought together here.

General Inquiries
DB Cargo Nederland N.V.
Jelle Rebbers
Moreelsepark 1
3511 EP Utrecht, Nederland
Tel.: +31 30235-8347
Fax:+ 31 88 235 58 83
E-Mail: jelle.rebbers@deutschebahn.com

New business

Regional sales Regional Sales offers cross-sector customer support and regional expertise. The core tasks of Regional Sales include representing rail freight transport and its interests in the region. The activities of Regional Sales extend to all sectors.

Regional sales
DB Cargo Nederland N.V.
Jan Jansen
Moreelsepark 1
3511 EP Utrecht, Nederland
Phone: +31 30235-3772
Fax:+ 31 88 235 58 83
E-Mail: jan.jansen@deutschebahn.com

EcoTransIT As the freight transport volume increases, so do the effects on the environment and thus responsibility and the need to act with the environment in mind. DB helps you choose the right mode of transportation through its online EcoTransIT World tool.

Go to www.ecotransit.org

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Schüttgutwagen, DB AG


We know the challenges in your industry and the tools you need to make your work run smoothly. more…

Brian Ellekvist

Core Products

Our activities DB Cargo provides clients from all markets with easy access to their very own rail network covering most ports and major industrial locations throughout Europe. You can read more about our activities here. more…

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Customer Magazine

Railways 03/2016, DB Cargo AG

Customer magazines

Our customer magazine provides interesting information and necessary orientation in a world of rapid change in the industry. more…

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