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The role of Deutsche Bahn

DB Cargo is part of a worldwide leading mobility and logistics corporation – Deutsche Bahn AG. Around 194.000 dedicated staff are employed in Germany and 102.000 are employed abroad.

We are represented in more than 130 countries and provide innovative and individualized mobility and logistics solutions from one single source.

DB Cargo is one of three business divisions whose outstanding achievement is demonstrated in the following facts:

  • The DB rail network extends to  34.000 km of tracks spread over one of the largest rail networks in the world.
  • DB is renowned for its comprehensive mobility services in passenger transportation and carries more than 5 million passengers per day.
  • DB Cargo stands for worldwide integrated logistics.

"We connect markets and people across the globe. This requires exacting standards of work from our staff and offers equally exciting career prospects."

DB and its staff

Our success is not left to chance – our staff steer and control the transport networks of the future – rail, sea, air and road. They embody our joint mission of shaping the future with their excellent performance and commitment to customer service through their diversity and dedication.

The Deutsche Bahn AG stands for teamwork too because we know that the "Deutsche Bahn" only runs when our different business areas work together as a team. Hand in hand. This is exactly why we strive to optimize teamwork wherever we are in the world. In this way we grow together despite our different tasks and responsibilities. We learn from one another and pool our strengths so we can say with pride "We are DB". Our joint values anchor us together as a group. We prioritize customer service and prove ourselves to be economical, progressive, collaborative and socially responsible.

What DB does for its staff

Job security and continuity are also a priority for us.  If one of our staff members is made redundant or cannot continue to work for health reasons we will search for new opportunities for them within the company.  Family is also a priority for us – a fact reflected in our company culture which promotes the unity of family and career as a key staff policy. We offer numerous options to foster this unity ranging from flexible working time to tele-working. The DB family service will even support you in your search for a nursery because we know that if you are happy our customers will get the best service. Take a look at our homepage and you will find all information you need for your career with one of Germany’s biggest employers.