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Holland's largest rail carrier

DB Cargo Nederland N.V. is the largest rail transport company in the Netherlands and is part of DB Cargo's business unit. DB Schenker is the trading name of the transport and logistics division of DB Mobility and Logistics AG.

Around 650 people work for DB Cargo in the Netherlands, and the area covered by the organisation takes in the Rhine/Schelde/Maas delta and the Ruhr area. The emphasis is on transport to and from the Netherlands on behalf of the central DB Cargo organisation in Frankfurt. The safety of our rail transport operations is our highest priority, and the Dutch operation also takes active measures to combat nuisance noise emissions. The ever-expanding use of LL brake blocks on our wagons is making an important contribution here.

DB Cargo Nederland N.V. is a rail transport organisation with operating permissions in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Major sea ports and important industrial centres.

DB Cargo trains arrive and depart daily from the sea ports of Amsterdam, Antwerpen, Delfzijl, Gent, Moerdijk, Rotterdam, Terneuzen, Vlissingen and Zeebrugge, and also service the storage and processing businesses at those locations. Further inland you will find DB Cargo visiting almost all large businesses and important industrial centres on a daily basis. There are also daily rail connections with all the surrounding countries.