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Quality does not happen by chance

The quality of our transport services matters a great deal to us. A prerequisite for high standards is a quality management system that monitors highly-complex and finely-tuned processes in daily operations.

We aim to make an active contribution to high logistics standards. For this purpose we rely on a comprehensive and certified quality management system.

This means that we analyze and evaluate our business processes on an ongoing basis. Our target is to make the best possible use of the potential for improvement in all areas, and so raise the quality of our services continuously. Not least of the factors involved here are safety in the work place and fire prevention, operational safety and emergency management, the management of hazardous goods, security considerations and environmental conservation.

Our quality standards are attested by certificate

So as to be able to continue reaching this target in the long term, we have set up a quality management system and obtained certification on the basis of DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 standards. Our environmental management system is certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14001. In the field of hazardous goods, DB Cargo has been given an SQAS (Security and Quality Assessment System) rating.

High standards on the equipment

To enable shipments to be carried by rail in accordance with the highest quality standards, the equipment used needs to be maintained to a very high level. We have a good 80.000 freight cars, and to make sure that they are always in impeccable condition in technical terms, we subject them to regular examination. Special freight cars designed for the shipment of hazardous goods are checked over with even greater frequency, seeing that it is essential – in their case above all – that they should come up to the necessary standards.

More than 3,500 locomotives provide the traction power for our freight cars all over the European rail network. These are likewise maintained at frequent intervals, using our own network of service stations