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Exceptional load calls for specialised know-how

DB Cargo and exceptional transport, a special product as standard. In the case of lading that might be considered exceptional in terms of its weight and/or dimensions, DB Cargo may prove a surprising alternative to road transport.

This is only logical when one considers that a train’s standard breadth (3150 mm) and height (4650 mm) offer greater scope. Consignments within these dimensions can easily be transported by rail. Add to this the standard wagon length of 24.5 metres, and the train becomes the ideal form of transport for such products as earthmoving machines, transformers or tube train carriages.

Opting for rail transport often removes the need to complete complicated and time-consuming formalities, such as applying for permits in various countries. Furthermore, the high frequency of DB Cargo's AG scheduled services places most major European destinations within 48 to 72 hours’ reach of the Netherlands. A truly surprising alternative!

Modern rolling stock

As exceptional dimensions often go hand in hand with a substantial axle load, DB Cargo has its own fleet of special and modern wagons. For instance, it has a wagon with 16 axles and a carrying capacity of 230 tons. Its flagship, however, has an astounding 32 axles and a capacity of 454 tons.

Furthermore, we have low-loader wagons with a minimum floor height of 600 mm, while our special wagons enable the carriage of products suspended just 200 mm above the rails.

Our experts will be pleased to provide further information on the vast range of possibilities rail transport offers.


DB Cargo has acquired a wealth of experience in transporting exceptional cargo for a wide range of customers. We are always happy to place this experience at others’ disposal. If required, DB Cargo can even execute turnkey transport projects, including terminal transport. DB Cargo also offers the added advantage of a single contact person: your personal account manager.

Out-of-gauge loads

Even if your transport project exceeds our substantial standard dimensions, we can sometimes still make special provisions to meet your requirements.

From time to time, we even remove signals and other obstacles to enable the smooth passage of out-of-gauge loads.

We would be pleased to make a personal appointment with you to discuss these and other examples of strong feats.