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Containers, swap-bodies and trailers

Intermodal is, within the business area DB Cargo, the specialist for CT and connects the other modes of transportation with the environmentally friendly rail transport.

Our trains connect Europe – our services connect all modes of transport. Within our network we offer all services concerning Combined Transport (CT) from one source. In doing so, our core service is the reliable transport of goods, no matter if in semi-trailers, containers or swap-bodies.

The use of different modes of transport pursuant to their strengths inherent to the system is a crucial factor of success for economical and ecological transports. Especially the rail transport plays a major role due to its sustainable environmental balance.

With its environmentally friendly rail solutions for combined transport link rail transports with the road and maritime freight transport to create integrated, single-source logistics solutions. Intermodal transports about 2.7 million load units each year by rail. They traverse over 44 million kilometres of track annually in some 30 countries. This performance makes the business unit of DB Cargo European market leader in CT.

The gapless network connects the most important transport hubs in Europe with more than 1,500 national and international trains each week.

We tie the Northern and Western seaports to the European hinterland by maritime CT, like for example Hamburg with Eastern Europe or Rotterdam with Switzerland. We moreover deliver continental transports along the European main corridors and thereby connect Scandinavia with Italy or Germany with Poland as well as many further countries.

In addition to our core competency, freight transportation by rail, we offer an array of integrated logistics solutions in cooperation with competent partners. Our services include:

  • Rail transportation in Europe as an element of combined transport
  • Transshipment and rail terminal services
  • Pre-carriage and onward carriage for intermodal rail transport
  • Provision of equipment
  • Load unit-related services
  • Depot Services

Our products, not only shuttles but also a group of wagons, give you custom-designed logistics solutions. Contact us – we certainly have the right solution for your needs.