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We have a system for the direct transhipment of loads to and from rail

Railports is part of a logistics system giving every customer access to the European railway network. In the past many potential rail customers shied away from rail transport as they do not have an own siding.

And that only concerned those companies that transported enough to make a siding economically viable. Thanks to the railports, DB Logistics can now extend its customer base. Thanks to this new and accessible logistics service, an easy connection to the railway network is available to all.

In the past, companies without a siding had to have their load transported by road in a container or swap body to a container terminal. The train carried the load to another container terminal, where transhipment to road transport was needed in order to reach the final destination. This roundabout procedure formed a serious obstacle for many potential rail customers, and made it difficult to serve customers in regional areas. With the introduction of the railports, DB Logistics has filled in the missing link in the chain of rail services, and has brought to market a professional product that meets all requirements.

Railports make it possible to tranship loads directly from road to rail or from rail to road. Shippers and recipients without private siding can now benefit from a range of rail services, in particular for the transport of bulky goods. Besides transhipment, real ports also offer various supplementary logistics services that can be combined in a tailor-made customer specific package.

Railports form a 'safe port' for a highly diverse range of goods: besides palletised products, steel, rolls of steel wire and paper, railports can also be used for the transhipment and storage of dry bulk goods such as gypsum, sand and gravel.

The customer-oriented logistics services and storage facilities provided at the railports demand a high-quality infrastructure. At present, we already have railports operational in Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Denmark and the Netherlands.