Guest at Project Cargo Summit Online

Maarten de Ridder, head of international sales, will be a speaker at the Project Cargo Summit Online 2021. DB Cargo has a long-standing tradition in the transport of project cargo in Europe. Recently, DB Cargo turnkey organized the transport of a 38-tonne and 5.5-metre long roller from Terni in Italy to a steel factory in IJmuiden. From Italy to Amsterdam it went by train. The last part of the transport took place by truck. The distance of more than 1,600 kilometers - from door to door - was bridged in just under four days.

DB Cargo has a long tradition in organizing and executing project cargo. The train is extremely suitable for large and heavy loads. Customized cars: from 12 to 25 meters long. More loading height due to the use of semi low-loaders and low-loaders. Axle loads of 20 tons are standard, often more is possible. Our own network that extends all over Europe. Collaboration with your own house carrier? No problem, DB Cargo thinks in door-to-door solutions for project cargo. Maarten de Ridder, head of international sales, will talk more about it during the Project Cargo Summit Online 2021 on 22 September at 3 PM. You can register at