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Chemical and mineral oil products

DB Cargo is your reliable partner for the safe and efficient transport of petro(chemical) and mineral products, such as liquids, gases and even granulates. Safety is paramount in this sector.

Our customer base includes the leading companies in the European chemicals industry. DB Cargo also has two state-of-the-art transhipment centres in Rotterdam, which enable the rapid loading and unloading of entire trains.

Fast, tailor-made block trains

A block train is a complete train designated for a single customer. It runs directly from the shipper to the recipient, without any further marshalling en route. A dedicated block train may prove worthwhile if you have substantial quantities to transport. DB Cargo is highly experienced in the transhipment of petrochemical products, such as gas oil, petrol, methanol, alcohols, benzene, MTBE, naphtha and jet fuel.

Responsible care

Our objective is to provide a high quality rail product. A product that is totally reliant on three mainstays: dedicated and highly trained personnel, sound procedures and well-maintained, modern rolling stock.

DB Cargo regularly invests in both retraining courses and company-wide campaigns to stress the necessity for safe working methods.