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DB Cargo Nederland is the largest supplier of rail transport in the Netherlands. We offer fast, efficient, reliable and green transport throughout Europe.


We are the largest rails freight provider of the Netherlands. We are part off DB Cargo AG, the largest rail freight supplier in Europe. Every day our trains connect the Dutch Harbors and industries with the European Backland. We do this in a safe and sustainable manner.

We aim to handle our train traffic as sustainably as possible with energy-efficient electric locomotives. We work closely with our clients in the chemical industry and tank transshipment companies to ensure the safest possible transport of hazardous substances.

DB Cargo employs about 650 people in the Netherlands. We pay a lot of attention to good and safe working conditions. Training and instruction are an integral part of our business operations. We are DB Cargo.

Nanouke van t Riet 2021
"Many companies want to make their transport more sustainable. DB Cargo wants to help them with this as the rail logistics service provider in Europe."

Nanouke van 't Riet, CEO of DB Cargo Nederland

DB Cargo Netherland in numbers

  • 4983 million train kilometers per year

  • 653 employees

  • 75 % off our trains run on electricity

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Jelle Rebbers

Manager communications & public affairs DB Cargo Nederland N.V.