Door-to-door logistics

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Door-to-door logistics

All goods can ride the rails – with speed and flexibility.

 How you benefit from DB Cargo’s door-to-door logistics services

  • Maintain transparency and monitor the cargo you ship from door to door
  • Direct wagon-loading synchronised with your production 365 days/year with no dispatching warehouse
  • Precise on-time delivery to the other end of the transport chain in a narrow time slot
  • We organise the first and last mile of your transports and ensure recipients receive an efficient just-in-time supply which meets their needs


You can execute multimodal transport across Europe even without sidings. You will find suitable access points to the rail network here. As shipping agents without your own sidings, you rely on a dense network of transfer points from the road to the rails. 

DB Cargo offers this network – and conceivably facilitates access for you.

The "Multimodal track access" online tool gives an overview of available loading points, local additional logistics services and further equipment characteristics. Maps visualise the track access points. These can be filtered according to region and location type (free-loading siding, railport and CT terminal).

You are welcome to address any questions or suggestions in connection with loading points to the contact persons listed on the right.

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