Coal and Ore

DB betuwelijn kolentrein ertstrein-5379 kopie

Coal: Black gold rolls on

Each year, DB Cargo transports up to 40 million metric tonnes of coal. In order to facilitate services on this enormous scale, we provide the right equipment and extensive expertise in logistics and the industry.

 Your advantages with our coal logistics

  • End-to-end coal transport from the mine or port of entry to the receiving party.
  • Transport of entire shiploads by block train.
  • High level of efficiency due to precisely scheduled turnaround cycles, on-time delivery and reasonable time limits for loading and unloading.
  • Every day services at the largest bulk harbor of the Netherlands
  • Regular services in the harbors of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Vlissingen and Terneuzen and with the possibility to services others as well.
  • A large fleet of wagons specially developed for the transport of coal and ore.
  • By using double electrical locomotives we are a green solution for your transport.


Together with you, we develop needs-based programmes for every size of transport. We are geared to the changing transport flows and quantities of our customers and can flexibly adapt the transport concepts to suit changing customer requirements.

Key is the regular scheduling of supplies to and disposals from power stations in consideration of the special situation of the electricity sector/steelworks and requirements-based provisioning to reduce the need for stockpiling.

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Remco Vermaas

Product Manager DB Cargo Nederland N.V.