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Ore, coal and steel

With some 40,000 own, special wagons and a combined knowledge of the market, DB Cargo each year transports 125 million tonnes of steel, coal, ore, scrap and nonferrous metals throughout Europe. Flexible and reliable at every volume.

Excellent operational cooperation with the major bulk transhipment terminals in the ports of Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Flushing complete our service package. DB Cargo also has a broad range of special wagons for the customers in the steelmaking industry. Wagons with a capacity of up to 65 tons for the safe transport of coils, or flatbed wagons up to 25-metres long. Ideal for the transport lengthy items, such as girders or pipes.

The wagons made available by this product group have been fully modified to meet the specific demands made of them. An ore or coal wagon carries around three times the load of a lorry. Six-axled wagons can even carry 100 tons with ease. Customers can also makes use of a broad range of dedicated wagons for the transport of steel, whether as coils or sections. Covered wagons that offer maximum protection of vulnerable loads and extended wagons for carrying sections with a length up to 25 metres are also available.