Optimal accessibility

On 1 June, the Port of Amsterdam and ORAM organised a substantive webinar on rail cargo transport in the Amsterdam port region.

The Amsterdam port region is optimally suited for rail cargo transport, thanks to 14 terminals and public quays with a rail connection. All freight can be transported efficiently by train to and from the European hinterland. The Amsterdam rail network will be further expanded in the coming years.

"Frans Rutten from Tata Steel was one of the guests," says Michiel Graafland, Network Capacity Manager. "Rail cargo transport is considered indispensable by Tata Steel. To avoid congestion on the roads and because it is 2.5 times cleaner than inland shipping and six times cleaner than road transport. Because some Scandinavian customers demand delivery by rail. And because the batch sizes of steel transport are so well suited to rail cargo transport. Reliable supply, necessary for the production process, and just-in-time delivery to the customer are of the utmost importance. Frans Rutte also mentioned the successes in transferring goods flows from road to rail, also for relatively short distances such as to Moerdijk and Maastricht. And he emphasised the importance of sufficient infrastructure capacity."

Watch the webinar via this link