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Trains are not just the safest way to transport freight - they are also the greenest. Why? Because they generate up to 80% less CO2 than road transport.

  The benefits of CO2-free rail transport for you

  • Two strong products: DBeco plus and DBeco neutral
  • 100% green energy for CO2-free transport in Germany and Austria
  • Compensation for unavoidable CO2 emissions
  • Certificate for CO2 savings

Green in the Netherlands

DB Cargo Nederland runs exclusively on green electricity. In addition, we are replacing as many of our diesel locomotives as possible with electric locomotives.

Your benefits

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DBeco plus

The DBeco plus product allows freight to be transported with zero CO2 emissions on all routes in Germany and Austria. We use the third-party tool EcoTransIt World to first precisely determine the energy needs of your transports and then purchase the corresponding amount of renewable energy, which is derived from renewable sources primarily in these two countries. The renewable energy we purchase thereby replaces the amount of energy which would have been used in the traditional traction power mix. This helps protect the environment. What is more, 10% of the revenue we earn from DBeco plus is invested in plants or facilities which generate or store renewable power. The entire process is subject to audit by TÜV SÜD (Technical Inspection Association). We provide a certificate bearing the amount of CO2 emissions that have been prevented. This amount can be offset against the carbon footprint.
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DBeco neutral

CO2 emissions cannot always be eliminated. With DBeco neutral, we offset CO2 emissions which could not be avoided in transport, e.g. the emissions produced by lorries in pre-carriage and onward carriage. DBeco neutral therefore complements DBeco plus perfectly. To achieve this, we calculate the total CO2 emissions created by the supply chain, and you then decide how much of these emissions should be offset. Together with our partner “atmosfair”, we then invest in selected sustainability projects which meet the CDM Gold Standard, currently the most rigorous standard for climate protection projects. These projects foster the growth of renewable energy sources, thereby helping to reduce CO2 emissions. Additionally, they support sustainable development in the regions where they are taking place by promoting technology transfer and the creation of local economic structures.

EcoTransIt World

We use EcoTransIt World, a third-party tool, to calculate the CO2 emissions produced by the transport chain, and then provide a suitable offer. Visit www.ecotransit.org to calculate the CO2 emissions that could be prevented by choosing transport by rail instead of by lorry or other modes of transport.

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