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Forestry and agricultural products

DB Cargo has accumulated vast experience in the transport of forestry and agricultural products, and can therefore can carry almost anything from tree trunks, chips, sawn timber, pulp and cellulose, to rolls of paper and palletised paper tissue.

From bulk grain and soya meal to bales of straw, DB Cargo transports it. Broad and well-established relations with parties in the entire product column enable us to offer carefully devised logistics concepts. The key aspects of such concepts are delivery reliability and the ability to adapt to varying volumes short transit times.

Wagons for all sorts of cargo

DB Cargo has wagons with an effective loading length of 25 metres, specially designed for the transport of long loads. For the transport of palletised products that cannot be exposed to the elements, on the other hand, we have large capacity sliding-wall wagons that can carry up to 62 tons of cargo and have a standard loading width of 2780 mm and a maximum capacity of 63 Europallets. We also have high-sided wagons - for the carriage of wood chips - with a capacity of 80 m3. And for bulk products, such as grain, we have special large capacity wagons. Our experts will be happy to offer advice on the appropriate wagon for any type of cargo.

Excellent rail access throughout the Netherlands

The seaports of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Vlissingen, Moerdijk, Terneuzen and Delfzijl all offer excellent accessibility by rail. The storage and processing companies based there are also linked to the rail network. DB Cargo serves the Netherlands’ major companies and industrial centres on a daily basis. An ingenious ‘hub and spoke’ system links individual business sites and industrial centres by means of an extensive network of daily scheduled services, which brings the whole of Europe within swift and efficient reach.

Door-to-door service

DB Cargo works together with various rail ports in Veendam, Venlo and Oosterhout, which can prove very useful if a customer or recipient does not have its own branch line. We naturally maintain relations with prominent distribution centres throughout Europe. Our cooperation with these firms also enables us to provide warehousing services and door-to-door service. This combination of warehousing and door-to-door logistics offers customers a greater measure of flexibility in supplying their clients, primarily due to the fact that the (logistic) point of disengagement is much further along the chain and therefore closer to the market.