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Correct loading methods

The observance of the correct manner of loading goods on or into goods wagons is essential. The correct method of weight distribution and securing the loading to a wagon are described in international regulations; known in the Netherlands as the RIV Bijlage 2.

These regulations not only guarantee safe transport, but also prevent any damage to the goods.

The regulations apply, of course, to so-called loose items, such as tubes, ingots, pallets, cases, drums, coils or machinery. This naturally explicitly exempts container transport, liquid or gaseous chemical products and bulk loads, such as coals, gravel or ore. DB Cargo Nederland’s general terms and conditions therefore notify customers of their obligation to comply with these regulations.

DB Cargo would naturally be pleased to assist you in the correct application of said instructions. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries about the loading instructions currently applicable in your market segment.